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Charmie at Crystal Prep

Principal Celestia: Charmie? I know you and Twilight are close friends (and neighbours), but would you like to transfer to Crystal Prep Academy and assist in the rebuilding effort? The students there need some of your kind and caring spirit.

"So here I am. I was originally supposed to attend Crystal Prep like my Mum did when I first arrived in the country, but Cinch didn't like anyone with a disability affecting the vibe. But now, Cinch has been sacked after the Friendship Games drama (and bowling gold for CHS to boot!) and the new Principal, Mrs Cadence exchanged Twilight to CHS and me to Crystal Prep."

"What an experience this is going to be. New school, new friends and also tasked with the responsibility of providing a bit of cheer, kindness and care to the students."

Commission by :iconambassad0r:

Charmie Heart

"This is a diary of my journey as a student at Canterlot High and also in life. Family, love and an exchange student placement."

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2015 - Year in Review

Tue Dec 29, 2015, 9:31 PM
Well my fellow squids and folks, another year is almost over, done and dusted.

A year full of a mixed bag of goodies, some good, others....I rather not talk about.

Speaking of which, let's get the bad stuff out of the way first off.

Going My Separate Ways (Brony)

As you may have guessed from my last couple of blog posts, the second half of this year turned into a complete nightmare for me fandom wise. After the 100th My Little Pony episode disaster (yes, it's a disaster to me, deal with it, love it or leave it) things started to go down the hill for me as a brony.

First I was banned from two brony forums, not entirely my fault or had any intension to go down that path in the first place. I was critical towards the episodes in my blog posts and tore them to shreds when it was needed. This however didn't go down well with the forum members and as such, I was banned for no reason.

The second ban came when I clashed with moderation staff over something minor. A duplicate thread. An offence that should have carried a thread merge and a slap on the wrist, but instead got banned me for a month and nearly got me sacked as a newswriter.

Then very recently I pretty much was slapped in the face when they decided to mock that situation in their site yearly awards, pretty much ruining my Christmas./ I showed my disapproval and expressed it, but they fed off that energy and blew the whole thing up to a drama filled situation. Something I didn't want.

So yeah, in summary the brony fandom decided to say "f" you to my negative thoughts, gave me high blood pressure, increased stress and anxiety which in turn resulted a lot of weight being gained. 130kg to be exact.

But it wasn't all bad, there was some good including acquiring some more pony plushies and merch, the Friendship Games and my second PonyconAU absentee pack.

It is a shame that the bad outweighs the good, but hadn't Larson got a hold on that milestone episode, things would have been different. But alas, that's ancient history now and nothing can be done to change it.


2015 saw the first anniversiary of my "coming out" as a transgender, but I didn't do much in terms of photo shoots or dressing up since I've now got extra company in the household.

The unintentional weight gain also put to a temporary stop the transition plans, but I am working towards losing that weight and getting back on track. At the time of writing this post, I've got it down to 119kg with a 88 to 75 kg weight goal combined with Lean Cuisine meals, loads of walking and bowling and a Fitbit Charge HR and Aria scales to keep back of that goal.

As always and although a little small in terms of numbers, here is a selection of Cecilia over the last year:

Cecilia's Autumn 3 by rjrgmc28Cecilia's Autumn 9 by rjrgmc28Werekitty Cecilia (Halloween 2015) 1 by rjrgmc28Werekitty Cecilia (Halloween 2015) 6 by rjrgmc28Werekitty Cecilia (Halloween 2015) 7 by rjrgmc28Cecilia's Nightie 1 by rjrgmc28

Welcome to Splat Sports

May of this year saw a spark of hope and a introduction into the competitive world of Splat Sports with the release of Splatoon for the Wii U.

I wasn't planning on getting the game at first, but after two Global Testfire events to encourage potential players to join, I was sold! (Although I had to wait a few days after launch to pick my copy up, blasted Nintendo release schedules!)

Fast forward nine months later, I am a level 41 inkling with a notorious reputation, especially in Rainmaker ranked mode and Splatfests with a eight (and soon to be nine) time Queen to add on the achivements list.

...and on the plus side, it gets me away from the fandom life I left behind.

In Conclusion

Overall, this year was a mixed bag, but it mainly was dominated by the fandom issues which dragged it down a bit.

So what will 2016 hold for me? Will it be the same? Or will fate play a hand and bring a huge change?

Only time will tell, but for now, have a great new year.

Splatoon © Nintendo
Skin and art by A-queenoffairys


If you have found this page, then you have come to the right place. Welcome to the official deviantART page Cecilia, or for those who have been here for quite some time, I am also known by my birth name Ronnie.

My original goal when I joined deviantART was to looking for new ideas for productions and to escape reality. This page contains a mixed bag of goodies, such as scenic and landscape pics to the many cosplays and costumes that I've done over the years.

This page also contains my various crossplay and crossdress work as Cecilia.

Cecilia Teodomira Márquez, or Cecilia for short was my female alter ego. Now I am in the process of transitioning to a female full time in the next three years. But don't worry, I'm still an Aspie, I am still knowledgeable and I'm still respected by many and shows a huge despise against trolls etc.

I am also a brony and have been for the last two years. Not by choice, but by sudden chance. Over the last year or so and thanks to some YouTube Poops and 10 second clips, I've become a fan of the show. Which leads in to this warning to those who want to get on my bad side:

WARNING: Due to a large amount of trolls and haters using everything in the book, including death threats, I'm laying down the law here. This page contains pics that may not agree with everyone, so simply, IF you don't like what I post, then simply leave this page now. If you don't like it, don't view it. Simple.

Trolls, haters and such will be automatically blocked and any threats associated with it will be reported.

So have a look around. Remember to visit my Youtube channel (RJRTV) at: and my website at Also have a look at the RJRTV Facebook Fan Page here:

And also have a look at my blog titled "From the Exec", which goes into more detail and covers RJRTV and other related stuffs:

If you are for a gaming challenge, why not add me to your friends list on these services:

* Xbox Live: rjrgmc28
* PlayStation Network: rjrgmc28
* Steam: rjrgmc28
* Gameloft Live: rjrgmc28
* Nintendo Network: rjrgmc28
* 3DS Friend Code: 1478-6505-5022


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