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Ah yes, the ever wonderful world of Canterlot High. I was quite the "charmer" as they would say.

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A Rural Bronies Life (Rant Retrospective)

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 13, 2014, 4:17 PM

It's Saturday morning and I'm here looking outside my bedroom window, with the scenery of gumtrees, native bushland and the only green patch of grass down on the septic tank area. Birds of all kinds fly past and nest in the trees, the odd kangaroo drops by on the land and wombats are a plenty.

All the while, the sun shines down from the hills of the Goulburn Mulwaree and with the peace and quiet and without having to deal with noisy neighbours or troubled youth, to be honest it is actually a good place to live for those who want to get away from it all.

For me, I have been living in this part of the region for ten years this August and since that time a whole lot has changed in terms of the world and the technically connected environment that we now take for granted.

In 2011, my life changed when I discovered the reboot of My Little Pony.

Since then, my bedroom has been decked out in pony merchandise including countless plushie commissions that I paid for out of my own hard work and savings. What started with a four pack of blind bag figurines from eBay now has grown into a collection that I am proud to call my own.

But while living in the sticks and being part of the brony fandom as they say is nice and dandy, there are some challenges that I have to deal with on a day to day basis.

Issues such as living under your parents roof and forbidden to move out until 2016, being shot down and told in a stern no that you can't attend a convention in Sydney and also blowing chances to attend or even host brony meetups due to the isolation on where you live and public transport being very limited in choice.

This is me at the moment. Forbidden to move out of home, banned from attending a convention of any sort due to one of your parents worried sick about the venue's location and also knowing that I can't get my drivers licence at all due to my disability affecting my co-ordination and judgement skills on the road.

I have to rely on public transport to get from point A to point B. Train services are very limited out where I live and the local bus service only runs on weekdays. So getting to any kind of event is hard and not being able to drive at all only makes it worse.

Every time I hear about a convention or meetup happening, I slip into a temporary depressed state knowing that I won't be able to attend at all. Another chance of wanting to meet other people who have the same interests is gone. Not being able to meet and even get an autograph or a piece of merch signed by the special guests, whether they would be show staff or even the voice actors or actresses is also out the window.

Being able to soak in the atmosphere of the event is also out of the question for me.

Instead I sigh sadly and even shed a tear knowing that I may never, ever in my life be able to attend any event at all. The pictures and tweets of the events also make me upset knowing that I couldn't be there in person and to live the moment with hundreds or even thousands of people.

I have said this before in the past, living in a rural area and being part of this great fandom is not an easy one to live. There are others who might say that it isn't, but for me, knowing that you may never attend a brony meetup or even a convention in your life will still linger and haunt me until the day they put me into the ground.

I wish there was a way, even if it involved convention or meetup organisers to bring the con experience to the people of rural and regional areas without having to travel or deal with challenges of life, even it means holding satellite meets (not with the dish, but community events instead) so that the people who live in these rural and regional areas finally get a chance to meet the very people who made their lives better? Even it was for a day or two before the convention and held in a community hall or even a notable place in the town or area, many lives would be made a bit brighter if they brought the convention experience to those areas.

But as they would say, one can only dream I suppose. Just another idea on the scrap pile that wouldn't be noticed.



Ronnie (Female Name Cecilia)
If you have found this page, then you have come to the right place. Welcome to the official deviantART page Cecilia, or for those who have been here for quite some time, I am also known by my birth name Ronnie.

My original goal when I joined deviantART was to looking for new ideas for productions and to escape reality. This page contains a mixed bag of goodies, such as scenic and landscape pics to the many cosplays and costumes that I've done over the years.

This page also contains my various crossplay and crossdress work as Cecilia.

Cecilia Teodomira Márquez, or Cecilia for short was my female alter ego. Now I am in the process of transitioning to a female full time in the next three years. But don't worry, I'm still an Aspie, I am still knowledgeable and I'm still respected by many and shows a huge despise against trolls etc.

I am also a brony and have been for the last two years. Not by choice, but by sudden chance. Over the last year or so and thanks to some YouTube Poops and 10 second clips, I've become a fan of the show. Which leads in to this warning to those who want to get on my bad side:

WARNING: Due to a large amount of trolls and haters using everything in the book, including death threats, I'm laying down the law here. This page contains pics that may not agree with everyone, so simply, IF you don't like what I post, then simply leave this page now. If you don't like it, don't view it. Simple.

Trolls, haters and such will be automatically blocked and any threats associated with it will be reported.

So have a look around. Remember to visit my Youtube channel (RJRTV) at: and my website at Also have a look at the RJRTV Facebook Fan Page here:

And also have a look at my blog titled "From the Exec", which goes into more detail and covers RJRTV and other related stuffs:

If you are for a gaming challenge, why not add me to your friends list on these services:

* Xbox Live: rjrgmc28
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