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Charmie Heart EQG Style by Strumfreak

Ah yes, the ever wonderful world of Canterlot High. I was quite the "charmer" as they would say.

Commission by :iconstrumfreak:

Charming Heart by JennieOo

Moonlight Ore by JennieOo

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Spike the Dragon: An Appreciation

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 22, 2014, 3:37 AM

WARNING: As per my previous posts on this topic, it contains items that are from a personal retrospective and are based on my thoughts and mine alone. Trolls, haters and wannabe heroes who want to cause trouble will be dealt with and run the risk of being reported. This post also may contains some spoilers for those who haven't seen the show yet, so you've been warned. 

With that said....

A Heartbroken Dragon by rjrgmc28A Heartbroken Dragon II by rjrgmc28

"Spike has been on the short end of the stick as of late and I think this episode might have been the breaking point for him. Why are they doing this?!" - Season 4, Episode 16: "It' Ain't Easy Being Breezies"

Spike the Dragon. Four generations, 30 years of being a character with pride. From being by Tirek's side as villain's assistant to being by Twilight's side in the new generation of My Little Pony today, this little dragon has done more things than you could imagine in a lifetime.

But as of late, Spike has been going through a rough patch in the fourth season of the Friendship is Magic generation and the assistant to Twilight Sparkle had to play second fiddle and even at times be the victim of jokes and even near misses such as the Breezies being knocked off course, and some of the fans are not all too that happy about it.

Now while I might not be a huge fan of Spike, I believe in a fair go for everypony and a equal playing field for both ponies and dragons alike regards of how they are portrayed on screen. This also goes for villians such as Queen Chrysalis and Sunset Shimmer.

So with the current season drawing to a close and with four episodes to go, I thought I put together this inspiration piece not as a source of inspiration, but to also provide some encouraging words as well.

So…where do we begin?

First off, Spike might look small, playful and fun loving on the outside, but on the inside Spike is much more than a dragon who helps out in the Treebrary fire blowing letters and documentation to Equestria Royalty and helping Twilight out around the place and even though he stuffed up a few times and even tried to frame pets such as Owlowiscious, Spike deep down cares about the ponies, creatures and even his own dragon kind with the at most respect that he can give.

Despite his good and bad moments, Spike has been there for those who need a shoulder to cry on and to spin their tales of woe. Whether it would be Twilight having a very bad day, worrying about a upcoming test or tripping up on Princess Celestia or even Rarity being upset over one of her crushes turning their back on her and causing heartache and heartbreak, Spike is always there to listen, to care and even to understand, no matter what happens.

His cooking skills are indeed second to none. I mean, who could bake pastries and cakes without an oven when you could use your fire breath for instant results? From mixing bowl to table in minutes and no dishes to do at the end of the meal. Although he does eat some of the ingredients such as gemstones, but that is how a dragon acts at the best of times.

Let's also not forget the many roles Spike has played over the years. Whether it would be being the host, compere and narrator in the Hearth's Warming Eve pageant or being in the commentary box for the Running of the Leaves with Pinkie Pie, if you want somepony reliable for a performing job or a hosting role, then Spike is more than capable, no matter the job, big or small.

Spike also played a part in saving the Crystal Empire from almost going back to Sombra's rule and also saved the crystal heart from being smashed into pieces. For his brave efforts and courage, he has a stained window in the Canterlot Royal Palace to remind ponies (and dragons too) about his milestones and achievements and to also inspire the future generation.

He also grew up in that place and learned from the best, met his future best friend Twilight Sparkle, who was also the one who hatched him during her entrance exam and from that day they have been the best of friends ever since.

With all of the good things being said about him, if there has to be one question that the fans would ask, it has to be this.

Why is Spike being treated unfairly? Why wait until now to move with these plans to reduce him to a character who did so much, to somepony who has been in the walls and thrown around like a rag doll for comic relief purposes?

Simply put, Spike doesn't mean no harm to anypony.

At the end of the day, all he wants do is to live life the way he sees fit without anypony getting in his way.

Instead of that, we are seeing the exact opposite of what he is entitled to do.

Spike is much more than a dragon who is used for comic relief, without him saving the crystal heart, the Crystal Empire wouldn't be what it is today.

I just hope someone, somewhere has a better idea or plans for him in the future.

CHBAUPic by rjrgmc28


Ronnie (Female Name Cecilia)
If you have found this page, then you have come to the right place. Welcome to the official deviantART page Cecilia, or for those who have been here for quite some time, I am also known by my birth name Ronnie.

My original goal when I joined deviantART was to looking for new ideas for productions and to escape reality. This page contains a mixed bag of goodies, such as scenic and landscape pics to the many cosplays and costumes that I've done over the years.

This page also contains my various crossplay and crossdress work as Cecilia.

Cecilia Teodomira Márquez, or Cecilia for short was my female alter ego. Now I am in the process of transitioning to a female full time in the next three years. But don't worry, I'm still an Aspie, I am still knowledgeable and I'm still respected by many and shows a huge despise against trolls etc.

I am also a brony and have been for the last two years. Not by choice, but by sudden chance. Over the last year or so and thanks to some YouTube Poops and 10 second clips, I've become a fan of the show. Which leads in to this warning to those who want to get on my bad side:

WARNING: Due to a large amount of trolls and haters using everything in the book, including death threats, I'm laying down the law here. This page contains pics that may not agree with everyone, so simply, IF you don't like what I post, then simply leave this page now. If you don't like it, don't view it. Simple.

Trolls, haters and such will be automatically blocked and any threats associated with it will be reported.

So have a look around. Remember to visit my Youtube channel (RJRTV) at: and my website at Also have a look at the RJRTV Facebook Fan Page here:

And also have a look at my blog titled "From the Exec", which goes into more detail and covers RJRTV and other related stuffs:

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